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Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and tired?  You are not alone.  Parents everywhere are struggling with the similar issues... 

  • I keep questioning myself and my decisions when it comes to my family.
  • Our Work Life Balance is out-of-whack.  There is never enough time to get everything done.
  • My spouse and I are not on the same page about parenting decisions and discipline.
  • The discipline we are using is not working.  Things are just getting worse!  Yelling, punishment , timeouts and threats don't work.
  • We are disorganized,  stressed, overscheduled and overbooked.  How do we find balance?
  • Our pace of life is too busy for deep family connection.
  • My relationship with my spouse always seems to get pushed to the back burner.
  • I feel guilty about not being fully present with my family.
  • The pace of our life creates tension throughout the house.
  • Things never get done around the house without a fight.

 The good news is that change is possible.  All you need is the right tools, and a guide to support you through your journey of discovery.  If you are ready to commit to the work, you can start heading in a new direction today.  




What is waiting for you beyond the transformation....

  • A positive, peaceful home
  • Empowered children with confidence and emotional resilience
  • Deep family connection
  • Balance work and family life
  • Your family working as a team to accomplish goals
  • Confidence in your parenting decisions
  • Calm, confident discipline without yelling, time outs, threats, grounding or spanking
  • A safe and supportive environment for your children to learn and grow
  • Renewed and deeper relationship with spouse
  • Respectful, positive communication
  • Quality family time
  • Setting of successful boundaries to improve presence organization, and balance


Life Changing benefits for the whole family are within your grasp.  Through coaching and workshops rooted in the concepts of Positive Psychology I help parents make personalized lasting changes that transform and inspire their families.  



The Journey Of Transformation - The Inspired Family Success Path

If you feel like you family is at a crossroads, and you’re worried it won’t get better - in fact, you fear it will only get worse - download this Free Guide where we show you:

  • How to build a peaceful, thriving home with well behaved, empowered children full of confidence and emotional resilience. 
  • You can get things back on track, no matter what situation you are in (even if you think all is lost and overcoming your issues are impossible).
  • The Inspired Family Success Path, including a practical 5 step process you can use to start making immediate positive change.
  • How to not only fix your struggling family, but how to keep it fixed (in fact, by following this proven success path, you make your family better than ever!)


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The Journey Of Transformation - The Inspired Family Success Path


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More About Your Coach


Melissa Middelthon is a Youth, Parent, and Family Coach and Educator that helps individuals, couples, and families institute lasting changes that help create balance, find clarity and reach new goals in life. 

Melissa is a Certified Youth, Parent, and Family Coach and Educator, a Certified Master Mindset and Mental Performance Coach and a Certified Professional Coach .   She is also a Certified Positive Parenting and Positive Couples Educator.  Melissa is an active member of the International Association of Coaching, the Positive Discipline Association, and the Family Life Coaching Association.   Click here to learn more.

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“I was a frustrated and discouraged mom of three that ended each day feeling like I just couldn't catch up. I was scattered and unorganized, my kid's behavior was out of control, and I felt like I never had time to just relax and enjoy time with my husband and kids. I was at my breaking point when I met Melissa. Our sessions helped me develop the skills I needed to transform my family, and give me space to be a proactive, well rested “Super Mom” that even makes time for myself! Now, my family is thriving, our communication has never been better and our struggles with discipline have all but vanished. My relationship with my husband, Tom, has been taken to a whole new level now that we are working together with our children on our inspired family!”

Charlotte, NC
"When I came to Melissa for coaching, I was feeling stuck in my progress towards my goals. Melissa helped me to discover what underlying issues were blocking my progress and how to overcome them. It was incredible to break free from the limiting beliefs that had been haunting me. I felt encouraged, supported, and empowered to move forward! Melissa's wisdom, insights, kindness, and directness make her an incredible coach!"

Kate Chartrand
Spring, TX







Your Top 3 Pains and the solutions for how to overcome them.